Wednesday, October 21, 2009

411 on the LBD

The LBD (little black dress) is what sets us apart from men. Women can wear both trousers and dresses, so why not play up the female prowess in a little black number? The LBD is commonly found gracing cocktail parties, but it doesn't stop there. It aptly applies to any black dress that offers a safe-haven from those days when you're feeling not so fabulous--and let's be honest--that can happen anytime from Sunday-Saturday. It doesn't discriminate based on age, shape or budget, it’s always “in” and has the staying-power to last a lifetime.

3 different types of LBD:

1.) Cocktail: Short, understated and very alluring is the classic equation. Find this type in silk, satin, chiffon, or lace and go simple or avant-garde. Glamour is key; pair appropriately with sky-high stilettos, the chicest jewels and a fur stole. Wear to a New Years Eve bash or channel Audrey Hepburn for a date-night out with your hubby.

2.) Day: This doesn’t have the after-5-cocktail stigma and looks great anywhere, anytime. Typically this is best in matte jersey material and paired with pumps, boots or flats. Wear it at the office, out to lunch/dinner or just running errands. Dress it up or dress it down; the versatility is endless.

3.) Weekend: This is for the LBD-lover who can't get away from the concept, but doesn't want to wear a prom dress to the grocery store. Look for simple shapes in soft knits or wool and pair with flats and big dark shades. Have fun with this look to create a casual-cool vibe.

LBDs can be styled in almost any capacity. Go classic with rhinestones or pearls. Go modern with a men’s-inspired button-down worn underneath, or be a middle-man by opting for different shapes with traditional accessories.  Always add one unique piece to make it your own and you’ll never go wrong.

411 can provide information, but only the LBD knows what's up.


Cross-strap LBD:

Maggy London One-Shoulder LBD: Nordstrom

Wool-wrap Sweater LBD: BCBG

Larok Sequin LBD: Bloomingdales

Silence & Noise Zipper LBD: Urban Outfitters

AB Turtleneck Sweater LBD: Kohls