Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mad About Plaid

This season is jam-packed with trends, no doubt. If you’re up in the air over which one to follow, consider plaid as the comeback kid.

Plaid is best worn today in unexpected ways. This means avoid the old-school plaid skirt with tights (aghast!) and steer clear of the 90’s Nirvana look. Instead, opt for chic touches like a pair of pumps, a fedora or a killer scarf. This traditional print can also be worn in different colors for a modern, updated feel. If you want to throw-back to the days of school uniforms or that Christmas dress your mom made you wear, try a mini cocktail dress paired with a leather jacket or a bold topper over a basic shift dress. Style the rest of your outfit in neutrals so you don’t actually look mad about plaid.

Use discretion with the amount of plaid you wear.  It's back for a season, not back to rule the world.


Harajuku Lovers Ascona Boot: Nordstrom

Cape Sleeve Plaid Coat: Forever 21

Plaid Shift Dress: Anne Klein

Betsey Johnson Plaid Belt: Nordstrom

Tartan Scarf:

Plaid Trench Coat: The Limited