Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Window Fever

"Might as well face it you're addicted to love." Robert Palmer

Remembers the iconic 80's video? The song was great, but the dancing ladies stole the show. We all wanted to be one, but in reality no one wants to dress the same as everyone else. So how do you avoid seeing your double walk down the street? Steer clear of the window display.

Window displays are actually styled to have mass appeal. Mainstream stores are typically suspect and their mannequins pose as field agents. The method behind the mania is simple: turn an everyday window-shopper into an enthusiastic apparel-buyer. This creates an immediate high in the shopper and voilĂ ! A love connection is made.

If you fancy a window display, consider the following:

1.) Do you like it or love it? Real love will help eliminate most impulse buys.

2.) Court the outfit and take it slow. Put the item on hold and come back the next day. The passion can burn off quickly.

3.) If you’ve fallen hard, then style it differently. You can maintain the overall concept by using different colors, prints and textures.

The real soul mate is individual style. Leave the windows for the birds.