Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School COOL

Back to school shopping is always a hoot. But to my dismay, two of my fave shops for kiddos, Target and The Children's Place, offered items that consisted mostly of: sequins, glitter and crop tops.  Are you kidding? Crop tops by nature are meant to bare the midriff and not intended for layering. No, I'm not a prude--nor do I wear capri's, fanny-packs or ugly sandals. I just expect good style to be partnered with modesty.

But stay hopeful, stylish mothers!  These hipster places offer cool, tasteful clothes and accessories for kids.  The prices might eek a bit higher, but no glitter, no "Diva" t-shirts and thank the Lord, no belly buttons on display.

That's how back-to-school is done.


Heart Sweater for Girls and White Toothpick Jean, J.Crew:

Great Wall Stripped Dress, + Skinny Stretch Leggings indigo, Tea Collection:

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High-tops, DSW:

Stars Skirt and Embroidered Top, Zara Kids:

Kids Opaque Two Tone Tights, American Apparel:

Ponte Knit Coat and Striped Sweater Dress, Gap Kids:

Ballet Flats in Parisian Pink, Mini Boden:

Creativity T-shirt and Dylan Jeans, Peek at Nordstrom: