Saturday, April 13, 2013


What’s the home opener everyone is pumped about? Shorts. Yep, they’re back. And no fancy contract needed. There are many players on the scene, so if you have the talent to play this trend, batter’s up!

Look for denim cut-offs, tailored/structured, loosey goosey, walking, and (aghast!) culottes in the starting line-up.  As always, use discretion. Check from all angles before hitting the turf.  Opt for wedge sandals to elongate legs or western booties or oxfords for the cool-girl affect. Pair with a loose blouse, oversized t-shirt or blazer to give proper balance.  

Go shorty! Style on.


Batik Print Shorts, Forever21:

Leather Effect Pleated Shorts, ZARA:

Destroyed Denim Midi Shorts, American Eagle:

Geometric Clean Front Shorts, Gap:

ASTR High Waist Floral Jacquard Shorts, Nordstrom:

Conscious Shorts in Khaki Green, H&M:

4" Chino Shorts, J.Crew: