Sunday, November 4, 2012

STUD Muffin

Guys aren't the only ones to claim stud status today. The new wave of tiny, chic earrings (street name: "studs") have made their mark. Everything from sunglasses to neon pave balls to arrows and birds, there's a stud for everyone.

Who's your muffin? Style on.


Multi-stone studs, Topshop:

Topshop Multi Stone Stud Earrings

Emily Elizabeth, Hugs & Kisses studs, Max &
Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Hugs and Kisses Stud Earrings

Dark Glamour Flower studs, Nordstrom:

Nordstrom 'Dark Glamour' Flower Stud Earrings

Reptile Bird studs, Marc by Marc Jacobs,

Marc by Marc Jacobs Reptile Bird Stud Earring

Painted Jewel studs, Kate Spade,

Kate Spade New York Painted Jewels Stud Earring

Patterned Heart clip-on studs, Forever 21:

Foxy Originals, Red-White-Green Wig Wam, Max &
Foxy Originals Red White and Green Wig Wam Earrings

Rectangle Pyrimid studs,

Hive & Honey Rectangular and Pyramid Stud Earring