Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretty PRINTcess

Once upon a time, Prince Charming was the all the rage. Not today. For a real dose of royalty, seek out one of spring’s fairest trends: PRINTS. Florals, chevron, ombrè, animal, stripes, tribal, you name it. Below are crown criteria:

Be kind to your subjects: the animal kingdom will not declare war, as long as you represent. Stay true to the natural look and color (no neon leopards or bubblegum zebra). The most regal option is a gorgeous pump.

True love 4ever: for those on cloud 9, try print on print. Make sure one print is more dominant than the other, and that they share a similar color palette. Any more, and you might be mistaken for the court jester.

Always a fair maiden: if you get weak in the knees, go slow. Stripes are cool and evoke a French-chic vibe. A classic navy/white striped t-shirt paired with white jeans is a match made in heaven.

Love your fairy godmother: if you can only wish for one, go with florals. Nothing makes a girl feel prettier (or a prince swoon) than a dress in this magical print.

Bippity boppity boo: like to make an entrance? Prints like chevron or ombrè look the most dramatic in something long. Try a maxi dress or a gorgeous scarf.

And the pretty PRINTcess lived happily ever after. The end.

styingstage suggests:

MM Couture floral print dress:

Ivanka Trump "Pinkish" pump: Nordstrom

Ivanka Trump 'Pinkish' Platform Pump
Milly "Caroline" chevron maxi dress: Nordstrom
Milly 'Caroline' Chevron Stripe Silk Twill Maxi Dress

Floral printed cropped sweater:

ASOS Floral Printed Cropped Sweater

Luz reverse-print striped top: BCBG

Tricolour scarf: ZARA
Pleated Ikat skirt: Forever21